Web file Access

Information for non-Microsoft Operating Systems

 NEW  Try our alternate web file application at https://webfile2.ohiodominican.edu (available to students only)

Ohio Dominican University provides on and off-campus access to networked files (commonly known as the F: and H: drives) using the WebDAV protocol. This protocol is a non-proprietary open standard and can be used by most major operating systems.

You have reached this page because you have selected the link for information on accessing Ohio Dominican network files using a non-Microsoft operating system, or you were automatically redirected here from our main webfile site because it detected that you are not using Microsoft Windows with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

This page provides information on connecting to Ohio Dominican network files using Linux or Apple operating systems. Please understand that Ohio Dominican University only supports Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Internet Explorer. We cannot answer questions about other operating systems, web browsers or WebDAV applications. This information is provided as-is and as a service to members of our community who use non-Microsoft software.

Basic information needed for all operating systems

Below are the site URLs which you will need to connect to our WebDAV file system using your operating system or application.

We offer encrypted and un-encrypted access to our WebDAV sites in order to accomodate all operating systems. We strongly recommend that you use the encrypted sites if your operating system or WebDAV application supports it. Be aware that your password and the data in your files are travelling across the Internet in clear text (i.e. they can be easily read by a malacious party) if you chose to use the un-encrypted site.

F: Drive Public - Encrypted siteF Drive Public - Un-encrypted site
F: Drive Dept - Encrypted siteF Drive Dept - Un-encrypted site
H: Drive - Encrypted siteH: Drive - Un-encrypted site
Personal Home Page - Encrypted sitePersonal Home Page - Un-encrypted site

Information for Mac OS X

There are two options for MAC OS X:

1. A WebDAV client is built in to Mac OS X. As of 10.4.1 OS X it supports encryption. See the following link for instructions to connect to a WebDAV volume on the OS X.


2. Goliath is a freeware WebDAV client for MAC. Goliath supports encryption. It is available at:


Information for Mac OS 9

Goliath is a freeware WebDAV client for MAC. Goliath supports encryption. It is available at:


Information for Linux

There are several resources for connecting to WebDAV with Linux. Check the following links: